Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spook's Bday

Saturday the 4th of July, it was my fellow blogger's birthday party, version 21.1. What a day.

We started the day with sleeping late. When I got there, he was playing guitar hero(as always), just relaxing. I walked in, put his gift next to him, told him he couldn't open it yet and stared. To put it into perspective of how evil this is, I put his presents in a huge box and wrapped it. Mwohahaha! He just shuffled his feet and tried not to look at it. He lasted 1hour before he ripped it open.

Then the parentals came, we did the family bonding thing. Got the "Don't drink and drive" speech. At least we know they care.

Lunch time we had a pre party braai. This is where the first cork got shot as we finished some champagne with close friends. We had peach and rose champagne. What a treat. I must say, love it.

After getting in the mood, we all went our different ways to get ready for the party. Eduard didn't know where the party was going to be, what the theme is or who is coming.

7bells when it was time, Pieter and co. got Spook into the car with the gps lady directing them towards the destination. Being on the topic, how flawed is that technology? Don't get me wrong it's great, it has its purposes, but it always takes you to the other side of the world first before directing you towards your destination. Anyway, they drove to gatzonderwater, witbank highway and eventually got to Livingstone, where we had the party, which was perfect, because Spook was totally confused and a bit stressed. We had been mocking him for weeks that we were going to have the party at his rival school. Shame.

As Spook walked into his "St Patty's day" party, he got streamers in the face, bombarded by people and friendly requests to drink sherry with everybody. The pour guy was EVERYWHERE as he went from group to group. This is about the time I lost track of what people were giving him to drink. It was an Irish party, thus people thought it appropriate to give him a lot of Irish car bombs. Being a bunch of enginurds, developers, art students and weird people in general, of coarse tequila was a VERY popular drink.

The Fluffy Bunny's revenge struck again. Migael and Spook love doing this as a party trick.
1. Sniff the salt.
2. put lemon in you left eye
3. drink the tequila
4. put a vodka shot over your right eye, look up and count to 10 aloud.
5. drink the vodka
6. put white sambuca in you mouth
7. light the sambuca and swallow.

They seem so geared up before the task of showing off their manliness. But afterwards. LOL! Check that face. He is not crying! He is leaking awesomeness. Manliness!

This was not enough. Later Migael came back with a shot called "the 7 deadly sins". This is Amarula and 5 other shots. The 7th sin is to drink all of this. You are suppose to pour them SLOWLY into the Amarula and it is suppose to make layers. Guys just don't seem to care about pretty things. It looked like puke.

This was around the time coyote ugly music started playing and I made the joke of saying that it is a great idea to dance on the table. Spook agreed. He agreed so much that he actually jumped up and started doing the craziest dances on the table, singing "You're Unbelievable! Ohhh!". A crowd started gathering and he jumped off the table and did the chest shake. This might be frowned upon by most people, but he thought that he was the sexiest person alive. ;-) Tinus thought it funny to push me towards him and Spook grabbed me, dipped me and gave me a big kiss.

After being sexy, he was all over the place again. I'm not sure what he was doing but I found pictures of him trying to kiss Inus, one of his good friends. This must be true love. Inus is such a lucky guy.

The other people started "langarm" dancing outside. People were wearing the streamers from earlier the night on themselves like Christmas decorations. They were popping the balloons in an attempt to scare unsuspecting victims to death. Death by balloon.

Towards the end of the night, there was an effort to go dancing. The people just didn't want to stop. I took Spook home. No idea how we got there. No, not because I was drunk. There was roadworks and they closed off half of the streets, leaving me with my girl scout skills of direction. I think at one stage we might have been driving through the city.

When we got home I couldn't find Spook's house keys. I had to phone Pieter who also lives on the property to open. What a struggle. Spook forgot his keys at the place. I only got them back on Monday.

The next morning or should I say afternoon, Spook eventually woke up. Sunday was one big blur of watching movies and doing nothing. From what I've heard from the other people that attended the party, they felt and did exactly the same. Which is, nothing.

Something good came from all of this. I've got all of the blackmail photos. 3 cameras full of it. _sigh_

I put them on picasa. Will be adding the rest tomorrow.



  1. Ai i wish i can remember it. It was epic and awesome. I woke up in my underwear, which was scary because i could not remember a thing. :) oh well there is always next year :)

  2. :) The Story of Spook's bday, by Melissa Wittstock.....two thumbs up!

  3. Spook was glad that he only has to turn 21 once.

  4. No. Lol! He turned 22. Hence the 21.1, next year he'll be 21.2. Shame...! He is never going to get past 21!

  5. i just wanted to know ... did you guys enjoy the show?

  6. I haven't laughed as much as I did that night, in years. You were hawt! ;-) Loved it!

  7. So Spook will be like Bryan Adams for the rest of his life...only 3 years older?

  8. 18 till i die :P
    Who wants to be 18 when you can be versions of 21?
    Every year you gain more experience, and your still 21 so you cant really be blamed for silly mistakes.

    21 is going to be awesome i mean seriously .. what age do you want to be klempie?