Wednesday, July 8, 2009

HTML 5 Video Codec

Those of you who downloaded Firefox 3.5 would have a small sneak peak of the functionality that is HTML 5. When you download the browser it will open a page with an embedded video which plays straight out the browser no codex download required.

Well that at least is the idealistic dream of HTML 5. Up until now we used XHTML4 to render most web pages but there is a new standard on the block allowing us to smile upon new things. The big debate at the moment is about what codex we should use as a standard. Apple and Google favor H.264 while Mozilla and Opera favor Ogg Theora. The question is one about speed versus quality and the debate only brought to attention that there will be no standard codex which in turn means that browsers and web pages wont be united by video after all. This decision will influence web masters in all kinds of way. I for one is not looking forward to having 4 web browsers on standby only to go to a certain web page.

You might have noticed that Internet Explorer didn't say a word about whats going for what at their stations, and this scares me. Big corporations tend to have IE as their standard browser which means that developers might have to bend down to the will of Microsoft once again.

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