Tuesday, July 14, 2009

89-year-old Nazi charged in Germany

On Monday Alleged Nazi camp guard John Demjanjuk was formally charged with being an accessory to about 27,900 murders during World War II.

Demjanjuk, a native Ukrainian, denies any role in the Holocaust. He says he was a prisoner of war during the conflict, not a camp guard.

The case dates to the late 1970s, when the U.S. Justice Department accused Demjanjuk of being a Nazi guard known as "Ivan the Terrible." Demjanjuk was convicted in an Israeli court in 1988 and sentenced to death, but that conviction was overturned in 1993 amid evidence that someone else was "Ivan the Terrible."

This might be justice, but the pour man has been on and off of trial for more than 30 years. I recon he is so old he is probably going to pass away soon anyway. While Demjanjuk has been deemed fit to stand trial, doctors have restricted the time he can be tried each day to two sessions of 90 minutes each, said Anton Winkler, Munich state prosecutor. This is ridiculous.

Do you think they should keep on pursuing Demjanjuk or do you think he should be left to live his last few days in peace?

Read more on this trial on CNN.


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