Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Importance of Security?

Recently the Image Shack has been hacked. A group calling themselves 'Anti-Sec' hacked ImageShack, one of the largest image hosting sites on the web, and replaced many of the site's hosted pictures with one of their own, which detailed their manifesto. It seems like they want the practice within the Security Sector to end. What this entails is that they don't want security companies to release tools to exploit servers because script kiddies attack servers with these tools and the Security Companies profits because they scare you into buying their firewalls.

This is a very interesting and debatable point. I would love to see where this is going to end up. Keep your eyes and ears open. Interesting stuff is about to happen.

At least there hack image was a .gif, so its small to upload :)


  1. Security through obscurity - not a good mindset to follow.

    Yes, the security companies might profit, but it's insanely hard to convince someone to spend money on security if you cannot demonstrate to them why they would need this security in the first place.

    So they would prefer the exploit to be largely unknown, except by a select few, and then let the rest of the world find out when their bank suddenly goes offline, with all their funds?

    Ah well - would be interesting to see the results...

  2. I also kind of though that this is a bit of an extreme action to take. I wonder how the security companies will retaliate?

  3. Weird thing is, You tube has been doing "maintenance" all day.. Wonder if they got hit..