Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Windows Live Writer – Offline posting

Windows Live Writer is a windows tool that you can use to post on your blog.  The layout of the tool is, to my opinion, better than the one blogger uses, but mostly because it resembles the office look and feel. It captures the layout of your blog and then uses it for preview purposes.  The best feature for me is the ability to write posts offline and then save them as drafts.


You have a lot more options when it comes to inserting objects like pictures, tables, maps(you can add maps!?), hyperlinks, videos etc. For example, on the pictures you can now watermark, tilt, make it sepia and add borders like rounded corners, photo paper, drop shadow and even reflections. 

If this is not enough you can always add a plug-in or five.  Check what we’ve done with the “Polaroid Picture” plug-in.  Pretty awesome stuff. 


If you are one of those crazy people that has more then one blog, it’s fine.  You can add them all, even your windows live space and SharePoint blogs. 

This is just to mention a few of the things I like about this tool, and I haven’t even started to push it’s boundaries.  I would strongly suggest this app to any blogger.  It feels like Christmas! :-)

Download Windows Live Writer here



  1. Thanks for this - I'll d/l it and give it a try ...

  2. Any time, let me know how what you think of it. :-)