Tuesday, September 15, 2009

.Net Development for the IPhone

Novell has for many years been accredited with the development of Security software. They love building their own runtimes and making sure that everything works to the point. They recently developed an environment called “Mono” that simulates the .Net framework. They are going to port this technology to the IPhone that will allow .Net programmers to develop applications for the IPhone by moving away from Objective-C. Here is the catch: The monoTouch Enterprise Edition is available at a 1 year subscription for $999. I Sure hope you develop a kick ass up to cover this cost. Oh well here is hoping for some richer applications

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  1. Mono doesn't quite simulate .Net, though it's very similar. Its main advantage is that the VM (CLI, whatever) it runs on is open-source and multi-platform. Novell just made a proprietary offshoot for the iPhone.

    The iPhone isn't much of a multi-tasker, so the additional overheads might be bearable.

    Either way, the personal edition should be more than enough to play with, if you so choose, at $399... Pity theres no free one just to fiddle with.

    I'll just fiddle with Android for the time being. Pity my Java is so rusty :/ The iPhone is definitely a more lucritive market for the time being, but I'm not doing this as a job, so I don't really care :)