Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ride Me Anywhere

Its a dark and stormy night.The power is out and you have to go to the store to get candles, you jump on your bike only to get run of the road by every second car because they cant see you. Well no more! Alex Tee and Evan Gant has developed what they call LightLane. LightLane is a compact projector that mounts easily to the rear of a bike frame and then projects a bike lane-inspired linear pattern that provides excellent visibility.The idea behind the device is to project the lane so drivers will be able to see you and your lane and give you the space you need to ride along safely. The main features include specs like high-visibility DPSS (diode-pumped solid state) green lasers, super-bright red LEDs, a 3-hour runtime on its rechargeable lithium-ion battery , a universal frame attachment bracket, and compatibility with universal mobile phone charger standards. It is still in development but hopefully it will hit the market soon.


  1. I liked the glow-in-the-dark type plastic more:

    Shines without batteries for years, and looks funky at the same time... Doesn't draw clear on the ground though, but I wonder if that's going to be any help anyway :(

  2. Haha looks like someone fell into some radio active toxic waste. It does look cool. Hmm i know that neon lights on your car is against the law, but how about on your bike?