Friday, July 3, 2009

Arghh real Asteroids!

Do you remember that classic golden oldie? The one where, hmm there wasn't really a story line back then but you were the bravest little pilot on earth in a triangle shooting round things till all the smaller round things were no more! Yes I'm talking about Asteroids and Hollywood remembers it too! It seems like Universal Pictures has won a 4-Studio bidding war for the film rights to Atari`s Asteroids.

Matthew Lopez will write the script for the feature adaptation, and because there was no plot, everything will be done from scratch. But before you go AWESOME! a word of caution, Lopez came out of Disney's writing program and worked on the recent movies "Bedtime Stories" and "Race to Witch Mountain."

I have to be sceptical about this one, I guess we're going to watch a 3hour film where boulders crash epically into one another only to be interrupted by some sort of alien ship rushing through, the pilot drops everything and tries to shoot it for 500 points, then after it left the screen the pilot continues and 2 fun boulders with gold teeth do some sort of hip hop and happening interpretation of 50Cent,its only then that you realize you would have been much happier going to the arcade and playing the game with your 50Cents.

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