Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Payfine.co.za is a service-provider for traffic-departments in South Africa. They simplify the time-consuming task of paying your traffic fines.

Registered users can find all outstanding fines via identity number and view
their fines with camera pictures.
If you are a commuter like me, this is definitely a useful website. The South African mailing system is not always up to scratch. Your fines might not reach you and you could already have been summoned to court. Secondly, we all hate going to the police station, standing in ques(usually the wrong one at first) for hours. On Payfine you can do simple secure payments with Visa and MasterCard.

I've been using this website for years and I know a lot of people that also do. Hope it saves you time and frustration.



  1. I'm assuming that means that you get quite a lot of fines - lol .

    Do they cover Pretoria(or do they call it Tshane) fines as well ?

  2. Truth be told, I'm not sure about Tshwane(Pretoria AND Centurion). The site says that it covers South Africa, but we all know that the Tshwane police department likes being different. I know it definitely works for Johannesburg.