Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Salad Fingers

As Urban Dictionary states it, Salad Fingers could best be described as a masochistic, schizophrenic recluse, attracted only to pain and rust. It's human nature to find ourselves drawn to something that we find odd, especially if we're not one hundred percent certain why it has this effect on us.

According to Wikipedia Salad Fingers is a Surreal Psychological horror Flash cartoon series originally created by British cartoonist David Firth in July 2004 which gained rapid Internet popularity in 2005.

In the surreal cartoons, the eponymous Salad Fingers inhabits a desolate, sparsely populated post-apocalyptic world in which he revels in the delightful feeling of the textures of various objects on his "salad fingers". He enjoys rusty articles (especially spoons as seen in the first episode) and derives similar pleasure from experiencing pain. He appears to enjoy meeting new people, though many of his acquaintances are simply avatars (such as finger puppets including Hubert Cumberdale, Jeremy Fisher, and Marjory Stewart-Baxter) for which he provides voice. See picture below.

Most people don't notice this and I sure didn't, but Salad Fingers' teeth often have alphabetical characters drawn on them as seen in the picture below. Another weird thing that I noticed while watching the cartoons, Salad Fingers tastes all of his hand puppets on the second episode, but waits until the last episode to lick pour Jeremy Fisher and that is where he kills himself.

If you have the urge to feel dirty, freaked out and left asking "What just happened?!", you can find all of the Salad finger episodes on the Newgrounds website. I never intended to watch this, yet I was strangely drawn out of curiosity after seeing one episode. I was only once again reminded how numb we have become to death and horror. Is Salad Fingers really that "funny"? We watched cartoons like Happy Tree Friends when we were younger and my favourite cartoon character is Jack Skeleton, but this is a whole new level of weird.

With phrases like "I like it when the red water comes out.", "Hubert Cumberdale, you taste like soot and poo.", "It seems nettles have made the milk come out of my teat." and "I say, Milford Cubicle, would you like a warm glass of milk?", I could only say Salad fingers is mentally ill, depressed and unmedicated. It is no wonder that it is famous on the Internet for its psychologically disturbing innocence. And I say innocence, because strangely he never intentionally inflicts pain on anyone.

I leave you with Salad Fingers riding away on his horse, Horace Horsecollar.



  1. well its great that you think this about salad fingers because....well is exactly what i think of him when i see his episodes they are just creepy to watch and im pretty sure that everybody feels this way when they first watch salad fingers

  2. salad fingers is so adorable!