Sunday, January 4, 2009

Was it an escape after all?

I have returned from our road trip..the road which I followed to break away from all that was on my mind and all that haunts me. Life has only reminded me that you cannot run away, as all that I had or should I say whom I had been thinking of found me on our journey. Ironic? Maybe.

The past weekend has been interesting. I arrived here yesterday morning, even more caught up in my thoughts. A good friend from studies, unexpectedly phoned me, he wanted to go buy a joined gift for our good friend Zell who proudly became a father to a baby girl on the 28th of December (Once again congrats!). More on that later. We went for coffee later and spoke about life plans, goals and careers. The motivation just flowed out of him. If you are ever so lucky to meet him, you would surely understand what I mean. Definitely the next South African president.... all he needs now is a criminal record..wink wink. He made me realise that even though I feel negative towards going back to work tomorrow, registering for studies end of this month, I need to keep focus and finish what I have started, no matter how dreadful it may seem.

My heart still felt heavy this morning, up until I read deJaco's latest post. Call me a soppy romantic, but it touched a lot of the feelings that I felt. The kind of love that he described is the kind of love that we all long for and that you would be so lucky to find. So here I found myself on holiday with both the man that I almost married and the man that will never know how much I love him in the same town. It made me think of the past, the present and the what would haves. Don't get me wrong, I'm not pursuing the past, what has been lost is gone, but having them there made me think of love, what makes two people work together in unity and if it is a waste of time to long for such a thing. No there is no answer to the above questions, just personal opinion based on experience.

More on the trip itself. We finally arranged to camp in the back yard of our good friend Marie's grandfather's house. The day we got there he tragically past away. The atmosphere was gloomy and sad, but as life is, with the end of one life the next day Zell's daughter was born and the beginning of another life started. Symbolically beautiful.

The rest of the holiday was filled with fun and childishness. We battled on the beach with cheap water guns and helmets. We soon realised that salt water tastes like poop and we just started aiming for one another's mouths, forcing the person to look away and feel the wrath of the wettening. Some people found us strange enough to take pictures.

Another interesting event was the one where we met up with friends who were camping on the schools rugby field. The wind blowed at 50km/h and the sun scorched us. Of coarse this didn't stop the boys from LT. I promised Marius when we got there that he would be dancing on the park bench and indeed...3hours later. It all started out chilled and progressed into ice wars, dancing, making friends with whoever passed and jump starting the car. After getting the worst t-shirt tans ever, we went to spur for some food and ended up safely in bed by 21:00. I'm surprised that Marius didn't make it to spur as he only had one drink the entire day...Okay, okay..we kept on topping up his glass with who knows what, every time he turned his back, but he seemed so happy at the time and it got him on the park bench.

New years night we had a highly illegal, beautiful and very dangerous firework show. Everyone sat in their pre dug wholes on the beach(now referred to as war bunkers). The closer to 12 it got the more fireworks these people seemed to light. Picture 2000 people lighting illegal fireworks all at the same time for about 4 hours straight. Some even thought it funny to shoot one another. "Oh how pretty", swooooosh past your head. Our one friend Nellis also got a hold of a rocket. He thought that the stick gets released on liftoff...NO THAT'S WRONG!! You are suppose to put it in a shaft. He planted the rocket 2meters from where we were sitting, lighted it and then realised that it wasn't lifting off. Thinking of it now, the faces and the speed at which we moved, hilarious. Unfortunately Chris didn't move fast enough and is now the proud owner of a burned ass.

It was all fun, but I'm glad to be back. I really missed my own bed and I'm still struggling to ditch the flu we all picked up on the last day. As for the thoughts and the mixed feelings, I'm sure that this is going to be a great year with a lot of adventures. I'll leave what is to come to be what it should, it isn't in my hands anyway.

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