Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some holiday pics...

As promised, here are some pictures form our holiday trip..

Erwin on Johannesburg train station, protecting our luggage form who knows what. "Apparently" Johannesburg in one of the most dangerous cities in the world..pffff!!!

A view of the South African Railway system.

Chris and I at one of the Havana pubs in Jeffrey's. We were waiting for Erwin and decided to go search for greener pastures.

Later that same day, playing drinking Uno. What the others don't know is that we were secretly swopping cards in this photo..

Battle!!!! This was before we headed down to the beach in our starship trooper gear to unleash the wrath of the wettening.

Erwin and MariƩ both say that this picture was not planned...If that is the case, they are just naturally "hot".

I might post some more later..I just need to get a hold of the other photos.
It was definitely a fun holiday.

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