Sunday, December 21, 2008


As a gamer myself I sometimes laugh at the little things that gamers come up with and this one is no exception.....

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Despite Assassin’s Creed being almost 1 year old, many gamers are still playing it. I found this list online: You know you play too much Assassin’s Creed if:

1. You avoid the homeless thinking that they will either get in your way our violently attack you.

2. You attempt to run up walls to avoid the cops.

3. You walk slowly in a praying stance when cops look suspiciously at you.

4. You sit 40ft away from someone attempting to eavesdrop on them.

5. If you avoid water because you fear instant death.

6. When someone pisses you off you make a fast hand motion and hold your hands to their neck waiting for the hidden blade to come out.

7. You fear running in public because the cops might attack you.

8. You find the phrase “nothing is true all is permitted” becoming part of your daily speech.

9. You search your home town for hidden flags and templars.

10. You live bye the tennets of the creed.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did



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