Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cookie Clicker

I would like to introduce you to Cookie Clicker. This game has single handed brought down the productivity of companies all around the world. It is an OCD nightmare. It starts off small, but before you know, you've lost hours, days or even weeks.

The point of the game is to click cookies. You can buy "add-ons", like grand mothers to help you produce cookies without clicking cookies yourself. The more you buy, the more expensive the items get. You reach a point where cookies and Grandmother run the world. It all sounds mundane, but believe me, it is hard to stop clicking, not to try and get all of the achievements. If you are an achievement addict, this is the game that will ruin your life.

Many websites and applications have been dedicated to Cookie Clicker. One application used is, that clicks on your behalf. And the popular cheating website