Friday, July 16, 2010

Who's more annoying: Android or iPhone fanboys?

The battle between Android and iPhone seems to be popping up a lot lately, even in non IT circles.  Most of the discussions are quite heated with people refusing to see the others point of views, going on for hours with which one has which feature.

This is what the two parties are compared to. 

Android smartphone owner (as viewed by an iPhone fanboy):
  • Resembles Dr. Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory
  • Installed Linux on the PS3
  • Fashionably nerdy
  • Becomes aroused when seeing a DOS command field
  • Views the phone as a purely utilitarian device
  • Chooses his phone based on carrier
iPhone owner (as viewed by an Android fanboy):
  • Resembles Ross from Friends
  • Superficial, insecure douchebag with metrosexual tendencies
  • Drives a BMW or Prius
  • Enters a hypnotic state when seeing the Great Steve
  • Favorite phrase: "You still there? Hello?"
  • Doesn't actually know how to work a real phone

I own a iPhone 3GS. I bought this phone because Spook has an iPod touch and I'm completely in love with the iPhone app store's selection.  I use the phone as a media and gaming phone. What can I say, I'm addicted to those little useless games.

A good friend of ours bought an Android phone last month and I must admit, it is very impressive. Comparing the latest models, the Android is winning in my books. I feel the iPhone 4 was prematurely released. All of this is just opinions and like I said, we've spend hours debating this topic.

Now I ask the question. Which fan boy is more annoying?

Who are more annoying?


  1. Since I match neither of the described parties, I guess I would be a fanboy of neither...

    iPhones are better at making money because their iTunes-adapted clientelle are more used to spending money on microtransactions.

    I'm not too happy with Apples approval process.
    Their tendency to sue for every nuance and patent addiction is also something I cannot support.

    The hardware in the iPhone 4 is extremely attractive - though including the 6 axis gyro/accelerometer is probably the only feature that truly stands out with the current crop of mobile devices. Their screen is extremely attractive, but whether the additional resolution actually brings anything tangible to the table, other than making it easy to support old apps.

    Such chips would soon be everywhere much in the way the accelerometers are now available in just about every device out there.

    It would be interesting to see what Microsoft brings to the table with WM7. I'm an Android supporter for the time being though. Having a mini-linux workstation on me is just too awesome. I've got the advantage of a hardware keyboard though, which isn't on many of the Android devices.

  2. Oh - and I don't mind people who have a valid point to bring to the table, but some Apple customers are so blindly following the marketing speech it's just sad.

    Those are the annoying ones...

    I gues


    = yeah - I'll shut up now ;)