Thursday, July 22, 2010

Springbok Nude Girls - blue eyes

Most South Africans know the famed Blue Eyes by Springbok Nude Girls.  It has become some what of an nostalgic anthem, being used in multiple ads and sang by the masses.

The other day I had an interesting conversation as someone told me that the song is based on a father that kills his entire family and blue eyes is his daughter that got away.  He sing to her that he is coming for her and that killing her too is his ticket out. I was so shocked that I immediately played the song to find proof. As the lyrics played "Sorry to say the others didn't make it", "love you to death", "while I feed my arms for love murder", I realised once again how we sing along without knowing what we are singing.

I went online to try and find the bands opinion on the song and all I could get is a quoted letter to Honda, who used the song in one of their ads.

"The song’s lyrics do not speak of any specific incidence or endorse violence in any way. ‘Blue Eyes’ was written as a lament to the tragedy of family murder, a relevant issue in South Africa when we first released the song in 1997. The intention in the song is to describe the tragic emotion that ensues in a family through the intensity of facing its own destruction."

What do you think of this?



  1. People tie their own emotions into a song, building their own meaning on some key phrases. When the words are very literal, you don't get much leeway - this is not a very literal song however.

    Growing up slowly and getting chained to steel?

    Yeah, you get buckled to the car as you're growing up.

    This allows you to sleep soundly while someone is driving.
    (sand in the hands -> sandman brings slumber)

    And so on...

  2. For sure this is about killing!

    Read the words, and then understand.

    M, this song is not about the blue eyes of a girl that the parent is going to kill. Blue eyes are metaphorical speaking. Do you live in South Africa?

    In South Africa the police uniform is blue.

    So yes, Arno does sing about the blue eyes, but he also sings about the job and the amount of pressure that the police works with. Have you ever in your life arrived at a accident scene, or a murder or a mass murder?

    Now if you do these things for a living, you will feel like committing mass suicide as well.

    Did you note the high suicide rate in the South African Police force?

    I don't think you did....

    you are all stupid and narrow minded people! Find out what the story is behind the story

    It is not evil or from satan, it is a way of expressing something!

    Listen to Sleep with Tigers, Perfect day.

    Sleep with Tigers, is exactly the same. The South African Police Force. I bet if you walk into a crime scene, you will wet yourself and run out like a baby.

    So don't come to me or anyone and say ohh...

    Stupid imbecile!

  3. does anyone have a link to the actual news article?

  4. Would like to know what incidents inspired it as well.

    Arno: " a relevant issue in South Africa when we first released the song in 1997."

    Which means it was prevalent in the media at the time.