Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Toyota’s famed violin-playing robot

Presenting Toyota’s famed violin-playing robot.

The bipedal artificial violinist hasn’t been seen much since its debut back in 2007.  It was one of several Toyota bots playing musical instruments at the 2010 Expo, but this line of “Partner Robots” is under development to eventually serve as personal assistants.  Toyota seems to be using the musical performance as a test and demonstration of the robots versatile movements and precision. The violin bot is likely to become a healthcare worker aimed at assisting the elderly.

Other companies like Panasonic and iRobot are also climbing onto the elderly band wagon.  This could be exciting or this could be a ticket to become lazy and fat.  I don't honestly think that only old people would buy this. Besides all of the "movie" speculation about the robot bringing the Apocalypse. I think that this is just another way of making life "easier" and less personal.  I don't think there is anything wrong with hard labour, but in the same breath, I would like to play with one of these for pure entertainment reasons.

What do you think?



  1. BAH! - Honda for life!

    Seeing Asimo jogging still remains one of my most vivid memories.

    Playing a violin seems quite bland really. Even Sony had a bunch of dancing Robots.

    Heck, Asimo lead an entire Orchestra!

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