Friday, May 21, 2010

Top 10 reasons to not buy Visual Studio 2008

10. Visual Studio Already Does Everything.

9. You believe that WPF, AJAX, and Silverlight are dumb fads.

8. Real programmers don’t use SQL so you won’t be using LINQ.

7. Anonymous Types make the code unreadable.

6. You forgot to renew your MSDN subscription and you are having a root canal done on the day of the InstallFest.

5. You don’t have time to upgrade (but you have time to write more code)

4. You get paid by the lines of code you write.

3. You only have a computer with a single core CPU and 256 Meg or memory.

2. You are still waiting for Borland to make a comeback.

And the number one reason why you shouldn’t upgrade to Visual Studio 2008?!

1. You are still using NotePad and the command line compiler to do all your development.



  1. Hmm... little late?

    How about:
    0 - A newer better VS is out ;)

  2. I know I know. Gots the new one. Just thought this post would still be funny. I know of companies that are still developing on .net framework 1.1. *shudders