Friday, March 5, 2010

TigerText, the iPhone app for cheating

TigerText is a new iPhone app that is ideal for cheaters and spies. Sent messages can be deleted on demand or be set to automatically vanish after a specified period. A "delete on read" feature starts a 60 second countdown when a text message is opened and then erases it at zero. This sounds a bit like inspector gadget, with a bit less exploding.

TigerText messages cannot be saved, copied or forwarded by recipients.

Apparently the name has nothing to do with golf star Tiger Woods, who recently admitted to having multiple affairs and was rumored to have been found out thanks to some steamy text messages. The name instead refers to actual tigers. Whatever ;-)

According to them "Tigers are notoriously difficult animals to track," the software makers said, noting the app was being launched in the Lunar Year of the Tiger. "TigerTexts are difficult to track as well."

While reading messages is free, the service costs $US1.49 per 250 messages sent monthly or $US2.49 per month for limitless messaging. I'm not desperate enough to pay that much, but I guess if you are earning in dollars or if you have millions, this seems cheap.


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