Monday, February 22, 2010

Poll results

Which internet browser do you prefer?

Firefox - 10 (66%)
IE - 0 (0%)
Opera - 2 (13%)
Google chrome - 8 (53%)
Safari - 2 (13%)
I don't browse - 0 (0%)
Something else - 0 (0%)

Looks like Firefox and chrome is the way to go. I personally use Firefox cause of all the plug-ins and chrome because it is awesomely fast



  1. lmao, go foxy lady

  2. Didn't know we were voting for the ladies ;)

    Chrome has plugins as well now, but I'd rather have Firefox's memory usage than Chrome's crappy swapping habits.

  3. I'm on firefox due to my persona collection... What? I like pretty pictures...

  4. Think I just grabbed a handful of personas, and I haven't changed mine since I got them really :/

    If Windows 7 didn't do the Wallpaper shuffle, I'd probably be stuck on the same wallpaper as well. Now I just dump a bunch in a folder and let it do its thing.

    I blame my parents... I had a zillion pairs of black socks that looked pretty much exactly the same.