Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Farmville bigger than WOW

A while back I played farmville on facebook, stopped because it took me over an hour per session, just clicking, and now I'm being spammed by requests. It seems like everyone is playing this time consuming game. Apparently this is not so far from the truth.

As you can see from the Facebook statistics below FarmVille is the number 1 application of the number 1 developer within Facebook with a enormous 81,125,786 daily users. Currently facebook has more than 400 million active users as can be seen on Facebook's statistics page. According to my calculations that means a fifth of facebook users are playing Farmville!!

Below is a display of Farmville's user statistics for the last month. When comparing these stats with mmorp's World of Warcraft one of the biggest online games, FarmVille not only beats it but the user community is at least 7 times as big!!

As if this isn't enough, you now have websites dedicated to this app popping up all over the place, giving you all of the tips and trick on how to have the best farm EVER. Totally... Like.... Yay... :-|

Check out

They are even selling t-shirts, greeting cards, mugs, deck's of cards and what ever useless souvenir you can think of.

I know I'm guilty for playing it, but I have come to see the light. I just don't understand why so many people would be so dedicated to clicking on more than a 1000 items daily if not more, to maintain a farm that would never benefit you. This is like having another job, except you don't get payed. Hell yeah!

Would like to hear your opinion.



  1. Farmville = Harmville. Seriously, get a life n00bs.

    Have you never heard of carpal tunnel? Ever heard of a braai? Ok... I'll stop venting now.

  2. You can't braai at work ;)

    Farmville even won some weirdass Interactive Entertainment award or something, yet after the first week I couldn't bring myself to log back in.

    I've been gradually removing all the face-crap, and Facebook is actually semi-handy. I just need an easier way to weed out all the spam requests.

  3. Oh I'm not worried about email spam. I have a hotmail account for that. It has over 2000 unread mails in and is gradually growing. I use it for all my online accounts like facebook, beebo, linkedin and whatever website has what I want in return for my details.

    I strongly suggest people create spam accounts.

  4. Haha, i know this seems very evil, but im almost convinced that if you set up a fake email account and redirect that mail to some other server, you can bomb it with a denial of service attack if you are active enough on facebook

  5. I agree Mellisa, I has an account for that too, but I decided to abuse YaHoo! lol.

    It's pretty handy having a spam account.

  6. My one friend actually created a Facebook account for his snake instead, because he was afraid someone would track him.

    Not to far from the truth, many companies check your Facebook profile before hiring you. You just might regret those morning after hangover photos more than you think.

  7. Well, I try not to post those, and my profile is locked to be viewed by only friends.

    I know of some idiots who do that, though.

    Sorry for misspelioeng yuor nmae "Melissa"! Rolfol.


    Couldn't resist.