Tuesday, December 8, 2009

1 day left to vote

There is exactly one day left to vote in our little battle against "The twilight watcher".

The current score is
13 votes for "Yes suffer!"
6 votes for "Dude New Moon? Realy?"
giving me a total of 19votes

8 votes for "Wash in a bikini"
1 vote for "Wash Baby Wash"
3 votes for "You should always wash spooks dishes!"
2 votes for "No, I love the movie"
3 votes for "I secretly watched it too."
giving spook a total of 17votes

It is tight( and lob sided as he had 5options for him and I had 2 for me), but it is still on.

The current suggestions for punishment are

1. finish GOD OF WAR 50 TIMES
2. Wash his own dishes in my bikini
3. whips, chains, pink fluffy handcuffs and a gimp suit ( which is definitely out, lol)
4. Make him participate in a horrible drinking game of some sort
5. go to the cafe in a borat mankini
6. Make him watch Twilight again with glitter on his face.

If you have any more, remember, there is still a day left


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