Monday, November 2, 2009

Xobni Enterprise Edition

Xobni ('inbox' spelled backwards) is releasing an Enterprise version. It is said that this server software lets IT managers centrally deploy and manage the company's plug-in to employees' client PCs.

Additional to the free version of Xobni, it includes support for LDAP networking, IT policies and the ability to swap out Twitter links for or other business-oriented custom ones.

Xobni Enterprise starts at $30 per user per year for small companies, with volume discounts available. For South Africans it might be expensive, but for countries working in dollars, it is less than 8sents a day.

Xobni is aimed at anyone receiving more than 80 e-mails a day, people like a sales executive who sends and receives an average of 500 e-mails daily and manages that through more than 200 folders.

Xobni is already compatible with Windows 7 and will be compatible with Outlook 2010 when it is released by the middle of next year.

Microsoft has said that it plans to improve search for Outlook 2010. ,but Xobni CEO Jeff Bonforte isn't worried about Microsoft killing demand for Xobni, in part because he guesses that users would likely be forced to upgrade to the latest 2010 versions of Exchange and SharePoint in order to see any improvements.


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