Thursday, October 8, 2009

BB&D – Barone, Budge & Dominick turns 25


I work for a software house called BB&D. BB&D started when 3 minds came together to create a software service that will boast of excellence in the field. The company recently turned 25 and took all the employees and their partners to Sun-City for a weekend jam-packed full of fun and surprises

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On Friday evening we arrived at about 4pm, we hastily checked into our hotel room, we needed a change of clothes because we knew there was an 80’s Party waiting for us. Little did we know of what BB&D actually had in store.

We were given vip tags and was told to move on to the monkey’s plaza for pre-party drinks and cocktails. On an enchanting and shaking bridge, with voodoo music playing on speakers the couples walked into a photographer where the first snap-shots of the weekend was taken.

After enjoying a small taste of the open bars and the unbelievable scenery a massive explosion lighted up the sky, leaving us breathless with the sight of fireworks that went on for minutes without end.

IMG_B005IMG_B022 IMG_B023IMG_B018

After the fire work display we where whisked away to the royal dining room. There we were greeted warmly by waiters and where asked to take our seats. Dinner had began but not without a few surprises. Our master of ceremonies for the evening was none other than Alex-J from High Veld Studio :) We were entertained by artists and enjoyed Alex’s fun notions while we dined on our 3- course meal. The first course was a lovely tomato soup with a lump of ice-cream! (how daring, and hmm how tasty). The main meal consisted of quail in a lovely sauce and our desert was a lovely traditional malva pudding.

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After 2 bottles of our endless supply of wine we where asked to put all cameras away as our international star did not allow for flash photography. Well this night surly was full of surprises and they weren’t planning to stop now. Our international star was non other the award wining Johnny Clegg. Johnny entertained us as only a South-African can and we had loads of fun jamming to his tunes. After Johnny so suddenly disappeared we jammed the night away to classic 80’s tracks. After the party me and Melissa parted to the hotel with another bottle of our endless supply, we walked through the arcade and was tempted to dance dance till the revolution comes! Before we knew we found ourselves R20 poorer and unfortunately we had to leave our dignity behind.When we returned the final surprise to our evening must have been the signed Johnny Clegg CD waiting for us on the bed side table.

All in all an unforgetfull night.

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