Saturday, September 5, 2009

Browser Game: Urban Rivals

I like playing new games, keeps the Internet interesting :) If you like card games like magic then you will really love this game. It is simple and easy to begin and a lot of fun :) Urban Rivals lets you register quite easily and let you play in challenging level based arena's. Here is how it works. You get to play with 5 cards from your deck. Each card contains a damage and power rating. Each rating can be boosted with pills. The dynamics of the game comes in when you play against a skilled player and need to use your pills to your advantage to destroy the other players health while keeping your health in tack. You get money and experience for wining and you can level up your cards. :) really fun. But unfortunately it hasn't got me that hooked. Its fun to do in a break and fun to challenge other users but its not all that yet. Will love to see if they try and change the dynamics soon. Love it, its a must play. Check it out at : Urban-Rivals

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