Friday, September 18, 2009

AMD unveils Eyefinity and next-gen Radeon GPU - LAN on 6 Screens

AMD had a press confirence where they unveiled the next generation ATI graphics parts.
AMD's new GPUs support a brand new feature called Eyefinity, a method by which to connect up to six monitors to a single video card. There are no limitations in the size of the screens either.

This is exciting stuff. Personally I feel completely lost if I don't have two screens. With six screens you would have a heck of a lot of desktop space. This would make development and analysis a lot easier. No more flicking between screens. What a convenience.

On the gaming side of things, it's a dream. Now when you play WOW, flight simulator or most first person shooters, it's going to feel like you are actually there. I recall the difference that wide-screen did to my lanning experience. It gives you a great advantage.

I would love to have one.

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  1. The best suggestion I've heard on this:

    A setup with six Full-HD projectors would give you the same insane raw pixel count, but with no immersion-killing borders inbetween.

    Heck - that would rival the resolution that some cinemas can throw at movie-goers!

    The raw Rand-count that would rip out of your bank account is equally insane!

    I wonder if these multi-screen setups would also be capable of outputting 3D at the same time. That would be an impressive feat!