Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Peppermint Crisp Milk Straw

I've seen these products where they sell you falvoured straws to drink you milk with. What a waste of money.

Since I've been a kid, I have used peppermint crisp chocolates for exactly this.

You simply bite off both sides of the chocolate exposing the peppermint, then you put the chocolate into your glass of milk and start sipping away.

This is a lot better, because not just does it make your milk minty flavoured, you also get to eat the straw afterwords.

Go ahead an try it for yourself. It is quite a tasty snack.



  1. That's brilliant!
    I take it you have to drink fairly quickly, before the straw loses structural integrity, but it might just work :)

    * Added to todo list...

  2. The chocolate is quite hard, so it doesn't break. It just becomes hollow. The longer you take to drink the mintier the milk. You'll see. :-)

  3. I think I rushed it a bit... The taste was very slightly affected, and I sprung a leak about 50% through my glass of milk :/

    I chopped off the first and last blocks, and chomped the one (hey I haven't had one of these chocolates for years). This probably overwhelmed my taste buds, and I didn't get the full effect through the milk.

    Just had to try it :)

  4. Lol. I have to ask, how short was your straw?? You can just nibble off the chocolate ends to expose the mint.

    I assume you slurped up the milk? Try leaving the mint straw in for a minute or so to give it a bit time to start dissolving. Like I said, the slower you drink the mintier the milk. :-) I usually end up with an empty chocolate shell.

    Hope you at least enjoyed it.