Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hedgehog Launch 2

Some games you want to play over and over and over and try to beat the clock and set new records. Some games have sequels that is so cool it blows your mind and you loose two days of your life playing those games. Hedgehog Launch 2 is not that game.
Its predecessor Hedgehog Launch 1 was totally awesome and you could play it a million times. Hedgehog Launch 2 only confuses you when you launch and it isn't even necessary to try and upgrade all the options. You start by going to the moon which you can easily complete in 4days and then you try to go to mars which i did in 14 Days.. Wooohoo my life feels so complete right now i can eat a banana sandwich.

Fun if you have 5 minutes.
Find it embedded here : Hedgehog Launch 2

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