Sunday, August 23, 2009

Browser Game: DragonFable - Web RPG

Role Playing Games are generally awesome :) You have the ability to level up and kick ass in the way you want to with a character of your choice. The thing that attracts me most to RPG`s is the fact that you can complete the game in your own manner.

DragonFable -WebRPG is a flash based quest game you will find all over advertisements. I must admit it is quite fun. If you spend the time to read the comments is quite funny, and completing the game will take some time.

The creators of the game will allow you free characters and sign up, but all the cool awesome stuff in the game will only be available for players who bought a subscription. This isn't needed to have fun but it sure can get irritating some times.

I like it because its flash based and because i can grow to a character, whilst i wont play this every single minute of every day, i do spend a few minutes in between work and thinking to fight a few baddies.

Its a bit repetitive but leveling up unlocks more features and pets and spells and things that makes you stick to it for an extra level.

Give it a bash at: DragonFable

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