Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zero Punctuation game reviews

Zero Punctuation is a video game review series created by comedy writer, video game journalist and gamer Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw and produced by online magazine The Escapist.

In his videos Croshaw usually reviews a recent game or games using rapid-fire speech delivery (which was the inspiration for the name 'Zero Punctuation', although he states that his fast talking was “by accident”). This is accompanied by minimalistic cartoon imagery on a distinctive yellow background, illustrating what is being said. The videos are typically around five minutes in length. The end credits often feature humorous notes about Croshaw's reviews such as 'Systematically alienating every type of fanboy' in GTA IV, and often also contain characters from the review engaging in slapstick.
I enjoy these videos thoroughly. Once you start watching you just can't stop. Ben takes all of the things that you know you were thinking and he tells it to the world as it is.
The videos can be downloaded on
As most of my friends are playing this game at the moment, I've included a review of Prototype.

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