Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Heist 2

The Heist 2
If you were a fan of the original The Heist, you will absolutely love The Heist 2

It Brings a bit more a dynamic to the game, by giving you the option to manage your thugs weapons and the ability for them to level up.

While this will kill an hour, it wont keep you satisfied. After completing the game you will have the opportunity to drive around a special vehicle, but when you reach that stage your thugs will be so strong you wont need it. Unfortunately it will get tiring soon as the game has no replay value.
Something to do, but not quite there yet. :)

Find it here: The Heist 2

1 comment:

  1. Quite entertaining, but lacking in challenge.

    My only suggestion: Open up the SWF directly, which allows you to freely resize the window. If the game doesn't clip properly this could be irritating if your window has a different aspect ratio.

    PS. Can kick myself for only noticing the mouse controls your turret direction when I was in the tank :p Played it with just the keyboard.

    Now to get my car a cannon...