Wednesday, July 1, 2009

H316 Pedestal

They call it the H316 Pedestal aka THE KITCHEN COMPUTER!

The Kitchen Computer was developed in 1969 by the Honeywell Corporation. It was designed store recipes, and even recommending meals from ingredients on hand.

I ask myself, but why did my mom never use one? (Pang.. see post below) Well she didn't use one because like most super moms, she didn't know binary. The Kitchen Computer assumed that you knew Binary and even included a 2 week programing course if you buy one for the extremely low price of $10,600.

Not a single unit was sold.
Its a shame really.

The Specs :
16-bit minicomputer—the class right below mainframes.
It had 4KB of magnetic memory, expandable to 16KB
Its system clock was 2.5MHz.
It took 475 watts to operate.


  1. You are wrong. Your mother IS a computer and you are going to have robot children..

    It's cool though. You should build me one!


  2. Just keep telling yourself that your cooking is way awesomer than some sort of table computer, it actually shipped with an early version of the internet, so you could link recopies and chat ... If i put a PC and a screen in a cardboard box it will have the same functionality :)

  3. Yeah..putting a computer in the shower or bath is a lot more fun.. Table looks saxy though. Would keep me in the kitchen. Does it talk?

    I'm thinking the developers scored big on this one. Pour investors!