Thursday, July 16, 2009

Facebook News

Nothing new or surprising, facebook hit the 250 million active user mark. On the facebook blog (go check it out) Zuckerberg wrote: "For us, growing to 250 million users isn't just an impressive number; it is a mark of how many personal connections all of you have made, and how far we at Facebook have to go to extend the power of connection to the billions of people around the world,"

Three months ago facebook announced that they have reached 200 million active users and they celebrated with a big charity event. In only 3 months they have grown 50million users, now that's impressive.

Facebook has some interesting products that are believed to be the source of their income. Cnet News report: Facebook Connect, which lets external sites use Facebook login credentials and some profile data, has been one of the company's most high-profile projects since debuting about a year ago. It's also been a big success, with some reports that the company may build a powerful advertising network around it.

Sounds like facebook is going to stick around for a while. So how are you connecting to others and what information are you sharing? Google yourself and see how fast all the information you entered into facebook pops up. Do you feel comfortable with this? How long before companies like this start to own information and the internet?. Scary thought isn't it?

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  1. Check out one of my old posts on google being a stalker tool.