Thursday, July 9, 2009


Cybercrime and hackers are a reality. Whether you believe it or not there are two kinds of realities or worlds that we live in. The real world and the online world. Online attacks on the government is a reality and cybercrime is not something from the movies.

Recently the USA and South Korea was under fierce cyber attacks. Starting Sunday, sites ranging from The Washington Post to the U.S. State Department have gone offline for periods of time since a string of computers controlled by hackers started inundating Web sites with electronic messages. These attacks are known as "denial of service attacks" and can be initiated from something simple like a ping.
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All i wanted to know is: In South Africa we have the new formed Hawks, but what are we going to do when are state department is attacked by cybercrime? Are we defending our country from online attacks? Will it take an attack on the country for us to realise the importance of a defence unit?

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