Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beware the Orbital Cow

There exists this saying "You get geeks, then you get geeks". While i normally nod my head and lol at my fellow geeks i really do appreciate there outlook on things. This post i really enoyed reading as i also remember outsmarting orcs in the dungeon. Here is a snippet to the blog entry:

Esther Schindler writes "Those hours you spent rolling dice in your youth weren't wasted according to my 10 Business Lessons I Learned from Playing Dungeons & Dragons. Playing fantasy role playing games did more than teach the rules of combat or proper behavior in a dragon's lair. D&D can instruct you in several skills that can help your career. Such as: 'One spell, used well, can be more powerful than an entire book full of spells' and 'It's better to out-smart an orc than to fight one.'"

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