Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Frets on Fire

Frets on Fire (abbreviated 'FoF') is a free, open source game created by Unreal Voodoo in which players use the keyboard to play along with on-screen musical notes to complete a song. Frets on Fire was the winner of the Assembly 2006 game development competition.

I remember my first impressions still until this very day. I was Utterly despondent towards Guitar Hero or anything of the sort, so by my surprise my sister brought FOF home one night and I thought I'd give it a go.

To my amazement it really was (and still is :-)) alot of fun. Currently I have a HUGE FOF music library with Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock for my PS2.

This really is the stuff and I would recommend this to anyone....It's messing around while listening to music.... :-)

FoF game is available at and songs can be downloaded at

B.T.W...Melissa doesn't want to play FoF with me anymore...apparently I am too good...But I say this is not the case fair ladies and gentlemen...she is just LAZY...and I think we must cheer her on....



  1. I'm not too lazy...I have witnesses that would agree that you spend WAY too much time playing the game. In your defense, it is an AWESOME game. But come on! You bought a special key board just for this game!!!!! You have got the biggest FoF music library I've ever seen!! It's not me, it's YOU!

  2. don't hate the player....hate the game!!!!. I recall a certain someone that ranted and raved and spent the entire weekend locked in your flat playing Quest for Glory 2... :-)...BOOYA!!!!...You may now judge me

  3. It was the remake!!! And I've finished all of the other QFGs!!! It rocks and you know it!!

    Come to think of it, YOU gave it to me!