Thursday, January 22, 2009

Economical Crisis

I can't believe that South Africa is finally getting a R500 note. It just highlights again that the world is in an economical crisis and that the cost of living is getting to be very expensive.

At the looks of it we are getting rid of coins and moving on to paper. The 1/2c and the 1c isn't being produced anymore and I'm not sure but the 2c is getting pretty scarce too. On the other hand, it is probably cheaper to produce paper money rather than coins.

The sad thing is the fact that money is drastically losing its worth. If I think back at what I could have bought with R5 10years ago, I find it quite shocking. The most expensive ice creams, a lot and I mean A LOT of sweets, 5breads, they all cost R5. Chappies bubble gum cost 10c.

Well it is time to embrace the future, at least paper money has pretty pictures on.


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