Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Coke Fest Prices

OMW!!!!! I can't believe it, but I just checked the prices for the coke fest this year.

Golden Circle standing: R600.00
General Admission Standing: R375.00
Disabled Platform: R299.00
Student Discount R299.00

The line up isn't any wonders and the prices are sick. It has been decided by my panel of fellow rockers that we will NOT be attending this event. It would be a lot more fun to take that money, go camp somewhere, listen to the bands that we want to listen to and not stand in a cue for 2hours to get a drink.

Besides it is hosted at the Newmarket Racecourse again this year. The venue has so much quick sand that I'm sure that there is still a hot dog stand, 200 shoes and 5 children stuck in the mud somewhere on that track. MAYBE next year when they surprise me with someone of my choice.


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