Wednesday, September 16, 2009

icloud – 3gig free online cloud computer


Having an icloud account is like having an online virtual PC that opens in your web browser.  Just imagine the convenience.  If you don’t have a ftp site, no worry.  You can just upload to your icloud and share the files to whom ever, where ever they are.  If you don’t have a flash drive and you need to save a file and use it somewhere else, no problem.  You get 3gb for free and if you pay you can get up to 80gb. 

icloud looks and works like a normal desktop.  You have your own background, folders, IMs and mail application. 

There are a few cons to icloud.  It might start using up cap if you start using it actively, which might be a problem for South African users that don’t have uncapped internet. Secondly it uses up a bit of memory to render.  And lastly it only runs in Firefox and IE. 

Check out the tutorial video to get a better idea.

Check out their homepage




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